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Ace Forklift Scales…always at the forefront of new and exciting technologies…take a look and even download the brochure of our amazing products

Take a look at Ace Forklift Scale’s sensational Ultimate

Introducing the newest addition to our range with all the functionality of the Slimline 2. This unit is ideal for all forklifts, big and small. This indicator will fit forklifts from 1 Tonne to 100 Tonne. electric, gas, petrol or diesel making it the ultimate scale for your business.

Standard features

  • Quick and easy installation approx. one hour
  • Will fit any model and capacity forklift
  • DIMENSIONS- 100 MM X 100 MM X 55 MM
  • 12 - 24 volt operation as standard with 36 volt to 48v adaptor available on request(FREE)
  • Overload alarms (Audible & Visual)
  • Replaces old mechanical systems simply by fitting into existing plumbing
  • 5kg/10Lb increments up to 2500kg/5000Lb capacity – 10kg/Lb increments for 2500kg/5000Lb and over
  • Static weighing or forced weighing (selectable)
  • Add-up and total function for the loading of trucks (no more overloading)

Ace Forklift’s versatile ULTIMATE COMBO

  • Our new Combo replaces the GRQX-2005 COMBO
  • With all the features of the old version with the added benefits of a much smaller unit.
  • Dimensions 220 mm x 100 mm x 65 mm.
  • We have also increased the printer size to accommodate a 57 mm x 45 mm standard eftpos thermal roll
  • Also for those times when the forklift is needed to be in harsh conditions we have added a weatherproof cover as standard
  • With all the features of the Utimate , this product does away with having two separate items on the forklift.

Ace Forklift’s GRQX-2005 Slimline 2

With the introdution of our new Ultimate scale, the Simline 2 has taken a back seat. However for those customers who have already purchased the Slimline 2 and would prefer to keep the same range for additional purchases, we can still supply this product.

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Australian Head Office & Distribution Centre
Email: sales@aceforkliftscales.com
Call Glenn: 0439 990 828   Call Boyde: 0411 723 230
Mail: PO Box 560 Aitkenvale, Qld. 4814

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